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On the wall, on the door - TAKE IT ANYWHERE! This mountable massage ball is the most convenient way to release tension and relieve pain. NO NEED TO LAY ON THE FLOOR. Every effort has been made to ensure we created a premium, yet incredibly convenient product that anybody can use. HOW? 1) Simply attach the included suction cup to a hard, smooth surface. 2) Mount the massage ball onto the suction bracket.  3) Roll and release any areas of pain! The ball is made of premium stainless steel, which means you can create a cryro type feel by leaving the ball in the freezer for 4 hours prior to use. Or, if you prefer, leave the ball in warm water for 20 minutes to create a warm rolling effect!    
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THICK BOOTY BANDS $44.00 $55.00
Incredibly versatile bands which are a must have to every gym bag! Our bands are made from high quality fabric, with anti-slip rubber lining on the inner to ensure every workout remains uninterrupted. Our Bands come with a mesh carry bag for added convenience and easy storage!   Pink: 23 - 55 kg Red: 14 - 36 kg Black 4.5 - 18 kg   WHY WE LOVE THEM: These bands are so useful! They can be applied to so many exercises. Lateral forces are so important and help us train and target muscles that are often neglected in the major exercises which are performed in the sagital plane. Every part of these bands has been designed with comfort and practicality at its forefront. The non slip, non rolling design will be sure to win your heart, and burn your butt!
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Deep tissue massage ball (EPP) Deep tissue massage ball (EPP)
Deep tissue massage ball (EPP) $10.00 $12.50
The perfect addition to every gym bag. This ball is light weight, yet incredibly strong. Tested with our very own patients weighing over 150 kg. This will get in deeper than any hands ever will. Watch our clips and learn how to position yourself correctly to make the most out of this. You will be blown away by how deep these balls get! Perfect for: - Glute medius - Hamstring  - Plantar fascia - Rhomboids and Traps  
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Mini band loop set (5) Mini band loop set (5)
Mini band loop set (5) $22.80 $28.50
Light weight but super durable! These latex bands are perfect for performing a range of exercises, including rotator cuff rehab and warmups, hip activation drills, ankle rehab, and lower level strengthening of many muscles around the body! EVEN BETTER VALUE WHEN PURCHASED AS PART OF THE TUFS SET
PREMIUM POWER BANDS from $16.00 $20.00
These can be used for higher resistance exercises. These latex bands are super tough, and recoil to their original tension after use. Fantastic for accessory muscles and to introduce range dependent tension to exercises such as bench press and leg press. Our power bands also provide great assistance for those aiming to develop their pull ups or chin-ups.  5 levels of resistance.   YELLOW: 2.5 - 7 KG RED: 7 - 16 KG BLACK: 14 - 32 KGPURPLE 18 - 40 KGGREEN 23 - 57 KG
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Peanut shaped massage balls Peanut shaped massage balls
Peanut shaped massage balls $14.00 $17.50
The stars of the show. These have been specially designed around the anatomy of the human spine. The shape allows perfect pressure along the muscles along the spine (paraspinals) without excessive and unnecessary pressure on the bones of the spine (spinous processes). A great tool for pain associated with excessive standing and sitting, forward shoulder rounding, and all the likes. If working from home has changed your posture, or caused extra tension, this can help with relieving some of that tension! 
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TUFS: The Ultimate Foam Roller Set (Includes Free carry bag) over $100 Value! TUFS: The Ultimate Foam Roller Set (Includes Free carry bag) over $100 Value!
TUFS: The Ultimate Foam Roller Set (Includes Free carry bag) over $100 Value! $60.00 $75.00
This kit has it all. A premium grade, hollow foam roller filled with our premium myofascial ball, our mini loop band set, and a spikey ball. Foam roller: used for larger muscles and joints such as the back, quads, calves and hamstrings B FIT Myofascial ball: Perfect at getting into deeper muscles and trigger points. Particularly useful for the glutes, pecs, rhomboids Spikey ball: Can also be used to get into deeper muscles. Also perfect for treatment of symptoms of pain in the plantar fascia and elbow (eg tennis and golfers elbow) B FIT Mini Loop bands: ESSENTIAL for warm ups and exercise on the go. Strong, durable, lightweight and incredibly versatile. Can be used for warming up and training muscles of the rotator cuff, hip rotators, ankle etc. INCLUDES A FREE CARRY BAG  A fantastic gift for those at every level of their fitness journey!
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FOAM ROLLER $28.00 $35.00
These foam rollers are the BEST! They are hollow so you can fill it with even more myofascial tools, or use it to maximise space when you are packing your luggage for your next post lockdown flight! With 4 colours to choose from, there is one for everybody! Stay tuned for videos on exercises and drills you can perform with these rollers!