The last fitness app you'll need. Period.

The BFIT by AF App is our flagship app, which helps individuals from all training backgrounds, with all presentations, train, to become their best self.

The app that does it all

Whether you are recovering from surgery, or trying for a PB in the gym, our app allows complete personalisation. Unlike other apps on the market, our programs are designed from the ground up by qualified health professionals.

Easy Set-up

Book in your initial consultation with a coach, download the app, and away you go! Unlike other apps, our app is streamlined and easy to use - because we want you to use it!

Exceptional value

Only pay for features you are using! Whether you are buying an online program, or want a bespoke program tailored to your goals - we have price points to suit every body

Rebates available

If you are using this app for recovery from an injury, you may be eligible to claim the costs from your private health insurer, or third part insurer (CTP, Work-cover, NDIS).


Set custom reminders to complete your exercises, to track your meals, to take a time out & perform mindfulness activities, or even just to do your stretches!

How to get started?


Fill in your details HERE. You will be sent a link to download the app (free). This app is available on the Google Play, as well as the Apple App store. You can only log in once your account has been set up.

Meet with your coach (online)

Once your information has been submitted and reviewed, one of our coaches will reach out to organise your initial consultation. Here, we will go over any health concerns, comorbidities, and help set goals.

Pick a program

Your coach will advise you of programs appropriate for you. This will be based on factors such as; goals, training experience, budget, and more.

Smash those goals

This is where the magic happens! Put your head down, get to work, and watch as your body achieves more than you ever knew it could!


Humans created this app, so that humans can use this app. BFIT by AF is easy to navigate, to ensure that you get the best use out of it.

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Content that teaches you

We believe in empowerment through education. While using the app, you will find information to help you learn about your body, about training, and about how to best manage your health! That's what we call 'high value healthcare'!

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Private health insurance, Work Cover and CTP

Because ALL of the programs on our app are developed from the ground up by health professionals, you may be eligible to claim from private or third party insurers. Get in touch with our team today for further information

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