Serola Sacroiliac belt



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Serola Sacroiliac belt



Small Medium Large Extra Large
Product description

The Serola Sacroiliac Belt is designed to support and compress the sacroiliac joints as it relieves stress and instability at these weight bearing structures.

Features & Benefits

  • It increases strength in your back, hips, legs therefore reduces chance of injury, this is achieved due to the stability the belt gives to the base of spine
  • Ideal for most hip and low back pain, maternity, pelvis instability, sacroiliac syndrome and acute lower back pain
  • The belt can be worn for extended periods without causing muscle weakness or atrophy, however it does not replace muscle function - it improves muscle function
  • Not intended as a cure, but as a day-long helping hand in a treatment program for most types of back pain
  • Comes complete with directions of use on how to wear and position the belt.

Indications Generally it can be used for:

  • hip and low back pain
  • maternity pelvis instability (during pregnancy) 
  • sacro-iliac dysfunction
  • support for hypermobility
  • SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction )
  • coxofemoral instability

Sizing Guide Take the measurement around your hips, please see below for sizing guide

Size / Measurement

Small (up to 86cm)

Medium (86cm - 102cm)

Large (102cm -117cm)

X-Large (117cm - 132cm)

Why we love this?

This is a fantastic brace for those experiencing lower back disocmfort as a result of issues at the SIJ. This commonly occurs in pregnant women, or those who have had a misslip of one foot (eg over stepping on a ladder and landing harshly on one leg). As always, this should be assessed and diagnosed by a physiotherapist or trained healthcare practitionerPatients from our clinics have loved this brace because of its simple, easy to use features, instant pain relief and the fact that it can be kept 'lowkey' while wearing under clothes. 

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